Hanshin Platech is paving the way for the future by making safe and environmentally-friendly plastic for the world

Founded in 1990, Hanshin Platech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company specializing in plastic manufacturing.

We specialize in molding food containers and plasticware such as lids for powdered milk cans, spoons, and milk crates. Always considering the environment and safety as our first priority, Hansin Platech has been steadily growing to achieve a stable financial structure and profitability. 

Hanshin Platech is paving the way for the future by making

safe and environmentally-friendly plastic for the world

Established in 1990, Hanshin Platech Co., Ltd. is a plastics manufacturing company. 

Specialized in comprehensive plastic-molded products from milk powder caps , spoons, and in-mold cups, to milk, bread, and liquor crates, we have been growing steadily as a company with stable financial structure and profitability, placing a high value on the environment and safety.

Based on industry-specific technology and expertise, Hansin Platech has made bold investments in facilities and pursued R&D going along with the new paradigm of eco-friendly plastic manufacturing in order to become the next generation’s plastic manufacturing company, and we finally acquired the Eco-friendly Certification Mark from the Ministry of Environment, a first among Korea’s plastics manufacturers.

Recognized as a company with superior technology by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Human Resources Development Service of Korea, we have entered into an industry-university collaboration agreement with Kongju National University and other colleges, which has allowed us to carry out a Work-Learning Dual System. In the pursuit of technological convergence and a practical workforce, which is necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are raising job competence levels by providing employees with NCS-based systematic education and training.

We have been registered as a “designated enterprise for alternative military service” by the Military Manpower Administration of the Ministry of National Defense, which is possible thanks to our safe workplace, transparent management policies, and, furthermore, we contribute to  the development of national industry and its competitiveness by cultivating a young and capable workforce.

More recently, we have been strengthening our B2C ecommerce capabilities by bolstering our presence on  well-known online stores in Korea.

Thanks to overseas investment we’ve attracted through the support of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and our 30 years of technical experience, we are rising up to the global stage as a small business with big potential. 

All of us at Hanshin Platech are dedicated to protecting the environment, contributing to our society, and further strengthening our sustainable management system.

Hanshin Platech Co., Ltd. will continue to be future-oriented, not stuck in the present, and communicate with customers, making their satisfaction our first priority so that we can be a company with a trusted name.

Hanshin Platech Co., Ltd.

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